Improved Reliability & Security

• Continued firewall upgrades to maintain data security and protect your business.

• New redundant / high availability architecture to improve our resilience, preventing failures and reducing service interruptions.

• Increased database and server capacity to support ever-increasing call and data volume, and to prepare you for a future expansion in your business.

These continued improvements will allow you to offer better quality service and enable you to grow your business.


New Products & Features

• Improved Alerting & Monitoring capabilities with Auris360 to increase business visibility.

• Enhanced Rate Amendment handling to reduce errors and improve operational efficiency in rate management.

• New Master List Suggestion (MLS) capabilities to simplify complex routing decisions.

These roadmap expansions were created with you in mind, to help you keep up with changing market conditions.


Enhanced Capabilities from Auris

• New Professional & Managed Services Capabilities that will improve time to value.

• Developer Forum launched to drive innovation and collect the latest industry trends.

• Investment in customer-facing resources to increase personalized support.

These enhancements are intended to improve your experience while allowing you to increase your revenue.