New Products Based on Auris Technology Platform to Hit Market in Coming Weeks, Wholesale Platform Expected to Debut at ITW

Auris Technology, a premier telecommunications platform service provider is celebrating its eight year anniversary by helping companies worldwide launch innovative telecom products. Auris Technology’s platform delivers the ease-of-use and flexibility its’ partners require to stay on the forefront of their markets by creating and managing new highly-innovative and profitable products. Some of Auris Technology’s latest platform offerings include mobile applications, a VoIP Intelligent keyboard with built in soft phone, mobile Top-Up products and a prepaid Visa Card with the dual functionality of a calling card.

“International Top-Up is a fast-growing segment in the prepaid industry, and we look forward to working more with our clients to deliver these types of solutions to more users worldwide.”

In the coming weeks, a number of Auris partners including Call Global and IK Solution will launch new products, using the Auris Technology platform, which will be widely available in big box retail locations, online and through the Apple Store.

Call Global’s mobile application uses the Auris platform as its back-end solution. Users access Auris products live and have options to make calls via VoIP, choose DIDs from different countries, request a callback and administer a quick dial. In just a few months, Call Global attracted more than 60,000 customers worldwide. To download a free trial visit

IK Solution’s technology delivers a comprehensive solution in one unique device; the Intelligent Keyboard with an integrated handset that works as a traditional lift-and-dial telephone device. Users pick up the handset, launching the dialing software instantly on a connected PC. With just one click, users can initiate conference calls or videoconferences using an integrated microphone in the keyboard. IK Solution’s software interacts with Microsoft Outlook and offers caller ID, call recording, call hold, voicemail, call forwarding, SMS, instant messaging, auto attendant, secure IM and more. For more information visit

Major providers of Mobile Top-Up products started working in partnership with Auris to enable their customers to purchase international mobile airtime for friends and relatives abroad. Using Auris’ platform, mobile companies can more efficiently create and manage their Top-Up solutions. Through an easy-to-use, web-based system, a Top-Up provider can manage its services, view reports, and get instant insight into its products’ performance. In addition, Auris’ extensive network reach makes it an effective solution for supporting the provider’s global operations.

“Auris Technology has been supporting mobile recharge solutions for several years, and we are excited to continue innovating in this area,” said Freddy Sidi, co-founder and COO of Auris Technology. “International Top-Up is a fast-growing segment in the prepaid industry, and we look forward to working more with our clients to deliver these types of solutions to more users worldwide.”

Another new product to be created and managed via the Auris platform is the integrated telephony component for a prepaid Visa card. It functions as a traditional debit card with the additional feature of allowing customers to use it as a traditional calling card with attractive rates to their target countries. Customers can use this FDIC insured card to transfer money, access an ATM machine, make purchases and conveniently call abroad.

Auris is also introducing its new Wholesale Platform, a turnkey solution that will lower all barriers to wholesale telecommunication providers by simplifying a rather complex market. The Company anticipates the debut of its new Wholesale Platform at ITW in Washington D.C. on May 24-26, 2010. For more information or to schedule a meeting with Auris at ITW please visit

About Auris Technology

Auris Technology is a premier platform service provider in the telecommunications market that provides turnkey solutions for a whole suite of services and products including: prepaid calling cards, VoIP, Smartphone applications, mobile top up, wholesale arbitrage, mobile applications and more. The company operates a state-of-the-art proprietary switching platform and web-based interface that incorporates the latest switching technologies needed to make its customers successful. These include custom features that afford customers more control over their markets, such as real-time carrier rates, changes, and updates. For more information on Auris Technology’s platforms and telecom solutions call 800-586-5994 or visit