Auris Wholesale Platform

1. Advanced Hunting Option

This new feature is now optional per carrier in a route based on percentage.  The hunting option is available in the following type of routes: LCR, Priority Routing and Percentage Routing.

2. Auto Billing and Settlement Application

It has the ability to automatically generate invoices, create and assign an invoice template, generate PDF invoices, automatically send invoices to an email and group of emails according to the billing period of the contract terms, split billing, invoice history screen, customer view screen with invoice history and payment status, automatic carrier invoice based on contract terms and offset billing.

3. Routing Table Management

  • Manage Carriers Routing Table: This screen will allow the user the ability to add and remove carriers in one screen.
  • Create New from Existing routing table: This feature will allow the user to be able to delete multiple routing at once.
  • Copy Routing Table(s): This feature will allow the user to copy an existing routing table configuration like route, carrier, regional, locks exception and other reconfiguration option to another routing table.
  • Delete Routing: This feature will allow the user to delete multiple routing at once.

4. Expanded User Management Tool

In this module a user admin will have the ability to create new users, manage and assign permission access, modify user’s permission access, reset password, deactivate and activate users within a Company.

5. Dynamic Routing Engine Tool

This new application has more extended availabilities to filter and spot the routing settings allowing the user to modify accordingly.

6. MLS (Master List Suggestion)

Each provider offers codes and regions according to their own requirements. The MLS module helps to easily match the code skin of both the company and the providers.  This makes routing and reports easily administrable, and all under the same codification.

7. Customer Rate Management

This new module will help the account managers to detect business/rate opportunities by allowing the tracking of prices offered to the customers, the routing applied, and the quality statistics. Consequently, the account managers can define and offer more competitive prices.

8. Prepare Carrier Rates

When you manage large amount of providers with several destinations, price changes, code changes, etc., the management of these can be labor intensive. The Prepare Carrier Rates tool makes things easier by dealing internally with those changes and implementing the code changes and rates within the correct dates, according with the provider’s RA’s and the grace period loaded in the system.

Enhanced Tools:

9. AURIS 360 Graphical and Reporting Interface:

Implement UserGroupID to manage and configure the Alert Module within the IDrive. Auris created default templates for Graphical and Statistical reports to be used by our Engineers and Customers.

10. CDR Reconciliation Tool

The software will compare the provider’s CDR’s to those generated on a daily basis by Auris. This guarantees that the Auris Customer is being billed properly, and can accurately open a dispute when necessary.

Enhanced Report Capabilities:

11. Routing View Expanded Filters

This view shows the routing table, region group, by carrier (priority, percent, rate).

12.CR View Expanded Filters

This view shows the region, the carrier name and cost within the company master list.  Within this report, the user has the option to select Company and Master List and filter by Country and Region Group.  In addition the user can enter its own filter: Region and the Carrier depth (1-5, 1-10, etc.) Export option is available.

13. Full Profitability Report

New version includes the option to select: customer and carrier, country, region group, region, customer and carrier region with the option to filter by customer and carriers, country, region group, region, customer and carrier region.

14. Company Billing Report

Modified to show all companies billing and accounting information with the option to export to excel and with individual billing information by company name.

Retail I/S Platform

15. User Management Tool

This new page will give customers the ability to enable and disable their own users. The user will select a Company and sub companies indented under the main company.  A simple checkbox will allow to change the status to Activate/Deactivate.

16. Distribution List Creation

This feature will allow users with appropriate permissions to generate a distribution list which enables the company to notify platform customers of events such as maintenance notifications or platform updates.

17. Promotion Management for Customers

This screen will give the companies the ability to manage promotions by products.

18. Enhanced Billing API Integration

This solution allows the reseller’s customers to create flexible billing plans such as: minute packages, bundle services, ability to manage LD, and Top Up services.  The CRM module will allow the reseller’s customer to handle their end user’s information, customer‘s profile, accounts, transactions, call history and reports with personalized user interface.

19. Multi Merchant Account Support

This will allow our customers to handle multiple merchant accounts in one screen.