Auris Technology(TM) Launches Two New Innovative Turnkey Solutions at Global Telecommunications Show in Washington, D.C.

Auris Technology, a leading innovator in the global telecommunications industry, today announced two new Web-based telecom solutions that deliver a complete, low-cost infrastructure for mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) and competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs). With Mobilexpert and Virtual CLEC, MVNOs and CLECs can provide their customers with leading-edge service while dramatically reducing system set-up and maintenance costs. Auris will showcase these new platforms at the 2007 Global Telecommunications Meeting in Washington, D.C., next month.

“Auris Technology’s mission has been to empower customers with Web-based telecom solutions that are tailored to their specific needs and help increase the success of their businesses,” said Dennis Sidi, co-founder of Auris. “With Mobilexpert and Virtual CLEC, companies can administer telecom services without the costs of traditional infrastructure operations while providing a better experience for their customers.”

Traditionally, airtime providers have exploited MVNOs by charging high prices to use their long-distance networks. With Auris’ Mobilexpert platform, MVNOs can focus their attention on marketing, sales and handsets, rather than the network infrastructure and technology. They not only avoid these high costs but gain the ability to offer their customers enriched features, such as:

– International Long Distance (ILD) – Auris works with more than 80 carriers worldwide to ensure highly competitive long-distance rates

– Smart Direct Inward Dialing (DID) – MVNOs can assign customers multiple international phone numbers so that contacts abroad can reach them via local phone calls

– SMS Call Back – To avoid high roaming charges, customers can send text messages to an SMS Access Number that requests the Mobilexpert platform to call their phones and connect them to a desired destination number

– Online Webcall – Ideal for traveling, customers can go online and request Mobilexpert to call them at any number and connect them to a destination number

“Since its founding, Auris Technology has built a reputation for customer responsiveness, technology excellence and leading-edge innovation that has kept it at the forefront of the market,” said Freddy Sidi, COO of Auris Technology. “The company empowers its customers to compete effectively with many larger companies and win in their own markets by providing core capabilities and economies of scale.”

CLECs and Internet service providers (ISPs) looking to reduce operating expenses and improve the provisioning of their telecommunication services now can take advantage of Auris’ Virtual CLEC platform. Using Virtual CLEC, these companies can stay competitive with incumbent local exchange carriers through an easy-to-manage, low-cost system that works with broadband connections to deliver a variety of local phone service features.

With Virtual CLEC, companies can access powerful online management and provisioning tools by migrating their systems from traditional legacy networks to IP, based on SIP protocol. Auris’ solution eliminates the hassles of expensive switching platforms and carrier agreements/deposits and gives users the ability to manage their entire businesses with a full suite of APIs that easily integrate into companies’ existing websites. These companies also have the option to bundle and resell VoIP services at a discount.

Auris will exhibit its new Mobilexpert and Virtual CLEC solutions at the 2007 Global Telecommunications Meeting in Washington, D.C., May 21-24.

About Auris Technology

Auris Technology is a leading provider of prepaid telecommunications platform services to telecom providers and large enterprises worldwide. The company provides turnkey solutions for its customers, such as prepaid and VoIP services and MVNO wireless and WiMax operations, through its advanced, global facilities-based IP network. The company provides a retail and wholesale telecommunications service and product-creation platform; industry-leading wholesale Pre-paid Transactions Processing Services that support standard prepaid calling cards; ANI recognition products; and international call-back applications — all with local and toll-free access worldwide. With the Auris feature-rich platform, voice service resellers of all types can manage their customers and control their profitability on a real-time basis. With its proprietary least-cost routing process, Auris helps its customers save significant costs on their domestic and international rates as well as overall system infrastructure.

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