Barcelona, Spain. Cima Group, a telecommunications and digital transactions conglomerate, announced today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, that its expansion into new verticals, focusing on the innovation to support the evolution of consumer behavioral trends has produced tangible success with their entry into the healthcare market. Cima Group companies will rapidly pursue e-health, finance, and other verticals.

Cima Group’s recent success with adding e-health clients to its portfolio on the Auris platform, marks an important change in direction for the digital conglomerate, as it recognizes the importance of aggregating the right technology to solve market trend challenges.

“The industry and our clients demand change, and we are focusing on growth and evolution,” stated Juan Martin Gomez, CEO of Cima Group. “We are developing an expansive portfolio of products that are on the leading edge of tomorrow’s technology. This puts Cima Group at the core of the digital economy, and into different segments like finance, healthcare, and the connected home.”

It is evident that technology is evolving and becoming more mobile, more agile and more open. It is increasingly relying on being ubiquitously connected, whether through a mobile handset, tablet, or M2M device. Cima Group has created the ecosystem that allows its platform to continue evolving while being at the center of the digital economy through a rich portfolio of APIs.

“We already have a successful ecosystem in place that is integrating one of the world’s largest PoS and electronic transaction providers with one of the world’s largest MVNOs,” explained Conrad D’Souza, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President for Cima Group. “This flexibility on our platform provides exceptionally simplistic integration with healthcare, financial markets and other key verticals monetizing the digital economy.”

Cima Group is working with a number of start-ups and cutting-edge technology partners that position Cima beyond the core of communications and into PoS, distribution channels, and into its client’s homes.

“We envision our technology and capabilities being leveraged into our client’s home, car, work place, health care, and buying decisions,” added Mr. Gomez.


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