MIAMI, Aug. 2 /PRNewswire/ — CIMA Telecom, a Miami-based operator of both IP and traditional networks worldwide, offers simple, scalable solutions that enable TDM carriers to interconnect directly with VoIP carriers. CIMA has a highly flexible network, with variable costs and short term obligations. The large number of local and regional exchange carriers in the U.S. often makes it difficult to negotiate individual exchange agreements for handling and billing traffic. Because CIMA has already negotiated these agreements, the company can immediately offer non-U.S. and U.S. telecommunications carriers a share of the lucrative U.S. and international market. “CIMA Telecom enables companies like PhoneBrasil International, Inc. to strategically deploy Hybrid VOIP Technology in key areas throughout the U.S. and certain international markets,” stated Juan Martin Gomez VP of Global Sales of CIMA Telecom. Antonio Acosta, Director of global sales, added, “By working with CIMA, our customers can take advantage of the latest in converged communication technology and stay competitive with other carriers and service providers. Whether they are selling services into wholesale or retail markets, CIMA offers numerous choices to help our customers find the right combination of products, pricing and performance to meet your specific needs.” PhoneBrasil’s President Anderson Dias stated, “is currently doing business with CIMA Telecom. We are now capable of supplying up to 30 million minutes per day directly from our new headquarter office in Miami, Florida.” About CIMA Telecom CIMA Telecom provides existing carriers with turn-key alternatives that may aid in expanding their customer base and improving redundancy in their own networks. We offer a local focus and a global business model that is designed to find a niche as a wholesale telecom service provider. The CIMA Telecom Group, through its affiliates CIMA Telecom, Auris Technologies and ANEW Broadband, has taken a leadership role in the deployment of fully converged IP-enabled solutions for: Worldwide Wholesale Services — International termination for worldwide connectivity — Local and toll-free access for maximum convenience — Reorigination for making multiple calls without redialing toll-free and — pin numbers — Secure 12-digit authorization as well as fraud detection and protection — Operator assistance and voice prompts with dialing instructions in different languages — ANI recognition as authorization code — Domestic direct dial — Custom branding Platform Services — Real-time routing — Virtual real-time reporting — T1 and E1 transmission and C7, SS7 and ISDN signaling Softswitch Hosting — Enables traffic routing between IP carriers with centralized routing and control via XQM session IP services — Protocol interoperability — 24/7 NOC services — Virtually no capital cost — Global Integration Contact Info Carlos Lopez 5225 NW 87th Street, Suite 100 Miami, FL 33178 Phone 305.484-4020 Fax 305.436.8674