ezetop uses AURIS’ award winning platform to launch its new e-commerce Pinless product

LIGHTNING RELEASES: MIAMI (4/29/2014) – ezetop, the leading independent provider of mobile airtime, today announces the introduction of an international long distance Pinless service, developed with the support of AURIS’ award winning “Retail I/S Platform”.

AURIS, an industry-recognized leader of Innovative Cloud Technology Platforms, has worked with ezetop for more than three years to optimize its business offering.  AURIS has supported ezetop in the development of the “Universal PIN” Top Up hard card, distributed nationwide. The card allows ezetop customers to top up the phones of their families and friends on more than 50 operators in Latin America, Caribbean, Asia, and Europe with one unique PIN. ezetop’s services have evolved to include International Long Distance (ILD) calling and the company has now launched its first Pinless voice product “Cheap Calls” to facilitate the process of dialing internationally using ANI recognition instead of dialing a PIN.  The ILD service is complementary to ezetop’s mobile Top-Up offering. ezetop can now provide greater connectivity options for the company’s growing number of loyal users.

ezetop’s continued success depends greatly on maintaining a complex and sophisticated technology infrastructure that is simple and safe for the end-user customer,” said Mark Roden, CEO of ezetop. “AURIS is an excellent partner in the building and support of our key products and features, such as our ILD offering, that are so relied upon by our global customer base.”

“We’ve built our business around driving value in the Telecom industry. We understand the dynamics of the telecom marketplace, and provide customers with a unique combination of experts, knowledge transfer and global infrastructure.” Explained Juan M. Gomez, CEO of CIMA Group, parent company of AURIS.

Brian Pla, AURIS’ VP of Sales, added, “The world’s leading operators know they can rely on AURIS as a partner to help them drive revenues, improve profitability, optimize performance, and enhance their customers’ satisfaction.”

About ezetop:

Founded in 2006, ezetop is the world’s largest global airtime platform that helps people stay connected with friends and family overseas by facilitating the safe, instant and seamless transfer of mobile phone top-up to loved ones anytime, anywhere. Since its inception, ezetop has worked tirelessly to establish direct partnerships with all of the leading mobile operators across the emerging markets where international communications was poor quality, difficult and expensive.

As pioneers of the top-up sector, this unrivalled direct network enables ezetop to continue to deliver the best quality product for senders, receivers and operator partners. Top-up services are available through www.ezetop.com, white label websites and a range of smartphone apps. Customers can also send top up from more than 450,000 retail locations around the world. ezetop has grown 3,600 per cent in the past five years and has already delivered almost USD$1 billion of mobile phone top-up to more than 58 million phones. ezetop is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with regional offices in Miami, Dubai, San Salvador, Bucharest and Dhaka.

About AURIS:

AURIS, a subsidiary of CIMA Group, is an industry recognized leader of innovative cloud technology platforms serving the telecom industry. A trusted partner for over 12 years, AURIS is a pioneer in offering consumers and carriers a One Stop Shop solution and enabling resellers and distributors to create and manage their product offerings. By focusing on our customer’s success, we are committed to provide a state-of-the-art infrastructure with resilient geographical redundancy and seamless user experience. AURIS’ PaaS model affords efficiency, flexibility, reliability, and security allowing for customer’s increased operating margins. We combine technology and business knowledge to work as one.



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