Knetik announces the launch of its Contextualization and Behavior Analysis Analytics Engine. Operating in beta for the past 18 months, it has delivered billions of data points of contextualized transactions that lead to better understandings of consumer behavior.

Delivering more than a standard business intelligence engine, the Knetik Analytics engine allows the application or service developer to deliver any end-point of data to the engine and allow the engine to provide insights into the context between user events and behaviors. Where most analytics engines simply provide pre-processed and aggregate data of events, Knetik Analytics drives a new level of intelligence, insight, and ease of access to your own data.

“Amazing things happen when you combine true contextualization, unlimited event history, eliminate restrictions others have on the data you can collect, and make it all near real-time,” said Shane Robinett, Chief Digital Transformation Officer of Cima Group. “We are raising the bar in terms of data quality and significantly increasing the number of use cases for businesses and digital services wanting to take advantage of big data analytics solutions.”

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About Knetik

Knetik is a Platform as a Solution (PaaS) that provides services management digital experiences online. Powering personalization, engagement, and monetization – The Knetik Platform enables clients to rapidly deploy next-generation services leveraging a robust and scalable back-end. Knetik’s offering is used by some of the most innovative media, gaming, e-commerce, and education companies in the world.